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Rosewood/Timeless bluetooth e-board 10115



Rosewood/Timeless  bluetooth e-board 10115

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The electronic DGT chess boards bring you the best of two worlds. The classical game of chess on a traditional wooden board merged with 21st century computer and internet technology. The DGT Bluetooth e-Board connects to your laptop or PC using Bluetooth technology.

With the DGT e-Board you can play online at internet chess sites like PlayChess, Chess 21 and ICC. The ingenious e-Board with individual piece recognition acts as input device for all major playing programs and chess engines. The e-Board can be used to register and record your games. Games can be published live on screens for presentation or training sessions and can be presented to a world wide audience through live broadcasting via the internet.

The DGT e-Board is the ultimate chess-PC interface and a typical DGT product: innovative and designed for the true chess lover. It adds a new dimension to your chess fun. High quality and value for money.

The wireless Bluetooth e-Board is available in Rosewood only and has indices around the edge of the board. Choose any of the five available electronic DGT chess pieces sets to play.

The Bluetooth e-Board is supplied in a sturdy and practical gift-box and comes with the famous Fritz chess playing program and 100 days free Premium access to

Included in the gift box is:1) USB cable 2) Two extra queens 3) Clock Cable 4) Fritz CD 5) DGT e-Board software CD 6) with Bluetooth only: AC/USB Adapter with US, UK and Universal Plug
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Rosewood/Timeless  bluetooth e-board 10115

Rosewood/Timeless bluetooth e-board 10115

Rosewood/Timeless  bluetooth e-board 10115